32 Natual And Fresh Summer Makeup Ideas That You Should Try!

Believe that in scorching summer, thick makeup has let a lot of women feel inconvenience, so a pure and fresh and natural makeup can capture your heart certainly. If you’re still worried that summer sweat will ruin your carefully crafted look, these 32 light makeup ideas below can help.


To get a gook makeup effect, it is very important to clean your skin before making up. Give your face enough base work to make your makeup look more natural. The key to a fresh, delicate look is to choose a foundation with a similar skin tone and a thin foundation, or it will look as stiff as a mask. In addition, eye shadow color also cannot be too thick. Just sweep lightly on your eyelids to let eye outline appear deep. Blusher is the key to healthy rose skin and a more natural look. When it comes to lipstick, choose a light pink color that is close to your lips to make your look natural and nude. Mascara and eyeliner are not popular for fresh and natural makeup look, even if there is, of course, as long as not too exaggerated, will not destroy the overall effect.

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Thin foundation is not easy to be mixed with eye shadow or eyeliner, and it will be easier to refine the makeup. These 32 pictures above can provide you with sparkling ideas about summer makeup, and if they can really do you some help, we will feel sincerely happy!

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